Taking Part in Democratic Dialogue – Street Artists as Voices of Inequality and Repression (2017–2020)

My postdoctoral research includes three aspects of visual culture research and art research: 1) approaching street art as an art form, 2) re-raising the authorship to the center of research, and 3) defining illegal political street art as political participation. These themes are not only socially important but also current in street art research. With regard to the field of street art studies, international research has long been oriented towards the study of street art pieces and not their authors, partly because of the fact that authors are not always recognizable or they do not want to become known. The motives of the authors to create political street art have also been excluded from the research. So this study is a clear opening in international research because often street art works are street artist's personal observations and thoughts which are linked into the social or political situations.

The first results of this study will be published in the spring of 2019. I will present research in a conference and also in a chapter of book 'Street politics in critical times. Street art, graffiti and visual protest across the world'.


porfavor artist
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