My research examines the intersections of street, politics and society

I'm a researcher and a photographer, and I focus on the intersections of street, politics and society. In my research, I develop and use interdisciplinary methods to understand the complexity of issues such as gentrification or street interventions as political participation. I concluded my Ph.D. dissertation 'Visage of Madrid – Illegal Graffiti as a Part of Spanish 15-M Protests' in 2016.

After writing my thesis, I did an investigation about political street art. This and most of my studies include walking in the cities and photographing public spaces. Therefore, in 2017 I got interested in the gentrification processes in Spanish cities, and I have published e.g. a visual essay about it.

At the moment I'm writing about walking as an embodied research methods and completing a visual essay about feministic wall writings in Spain.

For more about my latest research projects, please see also  LaCRIS, or ResearchGate 

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