What to do with leftover research material?

It has been almost a year since I finished my PhD research. During the research process I visited Madrid for four years to collect my research data. This means that I have collected a huge archive of street art and graffiti photographs from the streets of Madrid.

Very little amount of these photos will ever be in published. For my book I was able to print about 80 of them. It is a very small sample of the whole research material. A little while ago when I was searching photographs for an article, I realized it is a kind of pity that so many shots of great street art works are just lying there in my computer’s folders. Therefore I present some of my photos in this site from Madrid and from Valencia. Furthermore, I have started to create short introduction videos about the street artists whose works I have photographed (see the end of this post).

This is already a little improvement to increase the visibility for the leftover research material. But could we street art researchers do even more? Could we for example offer our research material to other researchers? Could there be a worldwide archive of street art to where we could donate our material? Or could someone build a site where anyone willing could upload their leftover research material?

Do you have an idea how to re-use leftover research material?

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